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Wimbledon Betting

There’s no simple way to define tennis and by trying hard to do so, one can nearly ruin the quality and the type of sport that it is. However, there is a way to describe it and it all begins by watching Wimbledon. Fondly known as one of the greatest competitions of all time, Wimbledon moves ahead to showcase talent, pure commitment and passion that runs deep inside the veins of a player. 

And with tennis betting doing the rounds, even the audience have joined in on the action and are looking to get it all right with Wimbledon 2022. However, there needs to be a platform and that platform needs to offer the right services, if you want to get it all. With sports betting being all around the corner, the search for a platform need not take all evening because BritainBet is here.

Equipped with top class services, we not only cater to tennis betting but also include the likes of cricket, football, rugby and other sports that have always left you surprised. So come on down to explore the BritainBet style of betting because it is worth it.

Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon Championships is not your average competition. It is one of the four annual ‘Grand Slam’ tennis events that has been taking place since 1877. Moreover, it is the only event that is still being played on natural grass. While 1877 saw the introduction of the Men’s Wimbledon Championships, 1884 was the beginning of the Women’s Championships. As a result, mixed doubles and women’s doubles were further inaugurated in 1913.

Thanks to all that, the competition has been growing and has come across several ups and downs throughout its period. The tournament is now steeped in history and every event will be looked at with great awe and admiration. As an annual competition, every player hopes to make it through as they place the same as a prestigious event. With its long history of players and legends, Wimbledon has also been a good form of entertainment. As a result, the new season is not going to be short of fun and there is a lot to look forward to.

Wimbledon 2022

Wimbledon 2022 is to kick start on the 27th of June, 2022 and go on till the 10th of July. It is certainly going to be a few months of action-packed tennis matches as the favourites compete with the underdogs to seal their place in history. This year’s event will be the 135th time that Wimbledon is held at the South London Venue.

Since fans of Novak Djokovic are looking to see him defend his title, men’s tennis has a leading figure and everyone will be hoping that he can achieve everything. On the women’s side, we have Naomi Osaka, although nobody is ruling out the great Serena Williams. Due to that, there is plenty of competition to look forward to and we might even be in for one of the best events of all time.

With BritainBet by your side, you can not only enjoy the event but also explore it as we make betting simpler, easier and fun.

Wimbledon 2022: Betting Predictions

  • Men’s Betting Predictions

As mentioned before, men’s betting predictions continue to look at one player in particular and i.e. Novak Djokovic. While his vaccine controversy boils up, the Serbian is favoured to continue his elite form and even move ahead to win Wimbledon 2022. So if there was ever a list for Men’s betting predictions, there’s no doubt about the fact that Djokovic goes on top of the list.

And coming in second, we have Matteo Berrettini. The tennis player, who has recently turned into a sensation, is predicted to make life difficult for Djokovic and a final involving them would certainly be eye-catching. The Italian, who looks to be an aggressive all-court player will surely serve strong and look to get more points under his belt.

However, the likes of Djokovic and Berrettini will also have to deal with Daniil Medvedev, who is also favoured to wreak havoc at Wimbledon 2022. The World No.2 has the range and quality to win the cup but faces competition from the likes of you know who. However, the ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine places his participation in doubt.

And moving down on the list, you will also come across big names like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. While these names haven’t made it to the number one position, it’s hard to move past these greats, who in the past have created history at Wimbledon.

While Federer is an expert when it comes to grass-court surfaces, he hasn’t won a Wimbledon title since 2012. Due to that, the legend comes behind other names on the list, although nobody in their right mind would disregard him.

  • Women’s Betting Predictions

The scenario is quite different for women’s Wimbledon because you will rarely see such fierce competition. Bookies have always picked different names every year as players come in to showcase their raw talent. And for Wimbledon 2022, all eyes will be on Naomi Osaka. The Japanese sensation comes in with an aggressive playing style and thanks to her achievements and powerful serve, many are backing her to lead the line.

Having won 4 Grand Slam Singles, Osaka looks hungry for more and Wimbledon 2022 might be her arena. While the next in line would have been Ashleigh Barty, the Australian legend shocked the world by announcing her retirement despite being at the top of her game and only 25. So by moving further, we come to Aryna Sabalenka.

Sabalenka, whose aggressive style of play has often seen her opponents commit mistakes and end up awarding her points also has a strong serve that begins to be a bit intimidating and if her plans go well, she can continue to dominate games and beat everyone at Wimbledon 2022.

Moving further down this glorious list, we also have Iga Swiatek, who doesn’t necessarily require an introduction. The Polish star, who made her debut at the WTA

Tour, was the first Polish player in the history of tennis to win the prestigious Grand Slam Title. And with her playing ability being considered second to none, you would expect her to score points and make matters difficult for every other player at the Wimbledon.

Elsewhere on the list, we also have legends like Serena Williams, who for all her attacking talent cannot be disregarded from a list of this sort. With her open stance moving towards creating good groundstrokes, you can still count on the legend to deliver when the time is right. Thanks to that, Serena Williams will always be a part of any list talking about the best tennis players.

Wimbledon 2022: Betting Odds

  1. Novak Djokovic (Odds: +110)

Everyone at the 2022 Wimbledon will have their eyes set on Novak Djokovic as he looks to defend his title and place everything else behind. Another title will surely add a lot to his glorious list of achievements and Djokovic will do everything to achieve the same. And with odds leading in his favour, BritainBet seems to be the perfect ground for you to test everything.

  1. Daniil Medvedev (Odds: +600)

Daniil Medvedev is well within his skills to be named as a top player and thus the odds reflect the same. Having already added around 13 career titles, there’s no doubt that Medvedev is looking for more and the Russian international might just get his opportunity at the Wimbledon 2022. However, he will still have to compete against the likes of Djokovic and we know how hard that can be.

  1. Naomi Osaka (Odds: +800)

There’s no stopping Naomi Osaka and as the odds suggest, she might be one of the best players at Wimbledon 2022. Having already played a considerable part of tennis, Osaka looks set to break records and put on a show of excellence at the Wimbledon. While she does face competition, it is not something that she isn’t used to and could very well move on to bring down her opponents.

  1. Matteo Berrettini (Odds: +800)

Despite undergoing a minor surgery on his playing hand, Matteo Berrettini is not ruled out of Wimbledon and he will surely be preparing to terrorize his opponents. While we all remember Berrettini reaching the finals at last year’s Wimbledon, we don’t recall him winning because he didn’t. So to get it all on track, Berrettini will not only be eyeing the finals but to also win the title.

  1. Aryna Sabalenka (Odds: +1000)

It takes a lot to be called World No.2 and once you are in that position, you still have a lot to prove in order to remain in that position. However, the process of remaining at that spot has proven to be easy for Aryna Sabalenka as she continues to get it all right against every opponent that she has faced. As a result, the odds back her to do the same at Wimbledon 2022.

  1. Roger Federer & Serena Williams (Odds: +1400)

Regardless of whoever is currently number one or whoever is dominating the sport, you cannot forget legends who have done it all and achieved it all. And in Roger Federer and Serena Williams, we have those legends who still have a lot to give to the sport. Since they have no intention of calling it quits, we might as well sit back and enjoy the show as both Federer and Willaims have been struck with the same odds and are touted to bring all their experience to the competition.

Wimbledon 2022 Live Betting and Betting App

Getting prepared for Wimbledon betting requires you to move through another important aspect of the process, i.e. choosing the perfect betting app. For this purpose, you need to formulate your choices on the basis of quality, features and ease of services. By doing so, you will come across a few options, with the main one on top being BritainBet.

Through the inclusion of updated features, classic options and a lot more, BritainBet aims to be the best in the business. As we move through the market, we understand the challenges faced by the consumer and how we can remove the same to make betting an easy experience. Thanks to that, exploring our services is bound to move through a dedicated set of functions that will always bring in the best and help you get used to it.

So if you wish to place bets on Wimbledon and other top sporting events, look no further than BritainBet.

Wimbledon 2022 Betting Tips

  1. The Surface

With Wimbledon being the only major tournament played on grass, you can expect to see a few players shine on the court and see a few others struggle a bit. And the names that have always been known to be exceptional on grass court tennis are Novak Djokovic, Matteo Berrettini and Roger Federer.

So keep the surface in mind while making decisions and always be aware of the players who are exceptional at these surfaces.

  1. An aggressive style of play

Wimbledon is used to players bringing out an aggressive style of play in order to be dominant throughout the tournament. And for the most part, these modes of gameplay have worked and will continue to work when the tournament kicks off on the 27th of June, 2022. Due to that, you need to focus on players bringing this format of skill and gameplay to the tournament as they stand a better chance of making it to the top.

  1. Follow the schedule

Following the schedule and watching matches one after the other will certainly help you get a better idea of the tournament and how it shapes up to be a fine event. In this manner, you will be aware of things and won’t be surprised when unexpected results come into the picture. So always place yourself in a position where you are aware of the results and in order to get it all, watch every game.

  1. Experience always counts

One of the biggest aspects about Wimbledon is the fact that experience always helps one move through the games and into the final. While that may or may not be the case for this season, we strongly believe that it is a factor that needs to be considered. So don’t ignore the greats and forget all about them because they can always bounce back to prove you wrong.

FAQs about Wimbledon 2022

Wimbledon 2022 is set to take place from the 27th of June and goes on till the 10th of July, 2022. As the tournament begins on the 27th, you can expect featured singles being played for the first round. As the days progress, the competition will get packed with more schedules and players moving from one round to another. Mixed doubles, quarterfinals and more will be headed your way and you will also get to see Ladies’ Final and Gentlemen’s Doubles Final sooner rather than later. However, all eyes will be on the 10th of July as you get to witness the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Doubles Final.
When it comes to purchasing tickets for Wimbledon 2022, you can check the official website and get all the information that you need. The tickets will also be distributed via the official Wimbledon Mobile Apps on iOS and Android. With ticket integrity continuing to be the focal point, one pair of tickets per household is the rule that everyone needs to follow.
With minimum seating capacity, Wimbledon 2022 will be open to the public. While there is no official dress code for spectators, it is known that one should avoid wearing torn jeans, dirty sneakers, sports shorts and running vests. Considering the formal rules enforced by Wimbledon, it is important to follow the same, if you wish to attend the tournament. You should also dress according to the predicted weather conditions and by doing so, you will be able to enjoy the good game of tennis without facing any problems.
Placing bets on Wimbledon should begin by choosing a credible betting app like BritainBet. To move further, you need to explore a few predictions and observe the odds stacked against each player. As a result, this write-up serves you with all that you need to place effective bets on Wimbledon 2022.