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Horse Racing Betting

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Horse Racing Betting

Online sports betting has been gaining immense popularity and demand over the past years. Among the various sports betting options, horse race betting is undoubtedly one of the most-loved online sports enjoyed by all the newbies and skilled bettors alike today.

And so, we at BritainBet provide you with an exceptional betting platform to explore various sports betting games such as Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, and Horse Racing.

Horse racing is a regular event in the UK, offering multiple opportunities for the fans of this sport to watch their favourite runners, jockeys, or horse trainers in action and also place their bets on them. This includes prestigious horse racing event such as the Cheltenham Festival.

Be a part of the millions of bettors who wager on horse racing betting during the peak seasons as dozens of runners take part to win each title, while we offer a wide selection of the best betting markets and the latest odds. Get to witness your favourite runner cross the finish line live at BritainBet and make horse racing betting one of your top sports betting options. 

Read on to understand the bet types, major horse racing events, and types of horse races, along with a few important tips that can be of great help to you as you begin your horse race betting experience with us. 

Live In-Play Horse Racing Betting

The best part about betting on horse races at BritainBet is that you can witness the majority of the racing events in live action and bet on the go! Betting live on the horse races is certainly thrilling since bettors need to think quickly on the spot as the race is happening and only lasts a few minutes. 

We want to let you experience the absolute thrill of watching the runners in action and place in-play bets, which is why we offer you the ultimate betting platform to place your live bets. Live In-Play betting is a very appealing feature for many bettors since it allows them to stay up to date on all of the upcoming races, get the most important highlights of the races in real time, and place all kinds of live bets instantly. The live betting experience is without a doubt spectacular and real. So hurry, explore now!

Betting Markets In Horse Racing Betting

With horse racing betting being one of the most in-demand betting options among our bettors on our website, we make sure to offer as many betting markets as possible because we want you to enjoy your betting experience to the fullest. Below are the various types of betting markets we have for you that you can place in horse race betting online. Remember that every type of bet offers different odds, risks, and potential returns, so it is important to know the variety of betting markets before making a betting decision. Following are some of the top betting markets you can learn about thoroughly before you begin your online betting journey.


The win bet is also known as the outright bet, and it is the most common type of market you will come across in horse racing betting. It is a straight bet where you simply place a wager on your chosen horse to be the first to cross the finish line or win a specific race. If your runner wins the race as predicted, you win the bet according to the odds. It is as simple as that!


In this market, you get the option to choose a horse just like you do in the win bet, but you win the bet even if the horse finishes second. It is another straight bet and a low-risk bet as compared to the win bet, where you predict your runner to land in the first or second position. So, regardless of the final rank, you win your stake if your chosen runner achieves either of the top two positions. In this betting market, you will normally notice that the odds as slightly lower than the Win bet, however, place bets generally have a bigger chance of winning due to the lower risk. Skilled bettors typically use this market to bet on a horse with a higher advantage right before the race starts.


A show bet is identical to a Place bet, except that this market typically comes with lower odds and returns. This is likely because the market is a straight bet with the lowest risk of all the three bet types. In the Show bet, you can place a bet on your chosen horse to finish either first, second, or third position in a particular race. You win the bet if the horse secures any of the three ranks in the race regardless of the outcome of the event. This is indeed the easiest bet if you prefer a simple, uncomplicated, and low-risk chance to win. 

Each Way 

This market is another popular choice among enthusiastic bettors. It is basically a combination of two bets into one— Win and Place bets. So, if your selected horse wins the specific race, both the payouts of the win and place bets will be won by you. However, if your chosen horse places in the second position in the race, only the place bet will be counted and you will receive a return with a lower rate. This betting market is a fantastic pick if you are not confident about your selection or the outcome of the race.

Daily Doubles

This betting market is a type of combination bet, where you can choose two horses for the top position of two consecutive races at a specific horse racing betting event. This bet could be on the first two races of the day at a particular track field or it could also be offered on other back-to-back races as specified by the track. The selected races typically involve the final third race and the final race.

Let’s say, that in a specific horse racing event, this betting market is available to place on the first two races of the day. For the first race, you bet on horse no. 5 to win the race, and for the second race, you bet on horse number 3 to win the race. For your bet to stand valid, both horses no. 5 and 3 must win their respective races.


The Exacta type of bet is more complex than the above three straight bet variants we have explained. For this market, you will be betting on two runners to finish the first and second positions in horse race betting. For your Exacta bet to win, the outcome of the selected runners must finish in the exact ranks you selected. As compared to win, place, and show bets, this betting market comes with higher odds and returns, but with more risk, making it a great option for a thrilling bet. This type of bet is a popular choice among punters when there are short-priced favourites. 


The Quinella bet is very similar to the Exacta bet, so be careful not to get mixed up! The Quinella market is more flexible and has a lower risk in comparison to Exacta because here, you can choose two horses to finish at the first and second positions without any fixed order. In other words, your bet stands valid regardless of which of the two horses comes first or second. In addition, the odds and returns are comparatively lesser than Exacta bets, but Quinella bet has lower risk. 


Among the exotic bets like Exacta and Quinella, Duet is slightly more complex because here, you need to bet on two runners to complete the race within the top three positions regardless of the order the runner occupies. This betting market consists of three payout possibilities — 1st and 2nd, 1st and 3rd, and 2nd and 3rd. With these dividends, the Duet bet makes it a comparatively weaker bet than the other two due to its low-risk potential. A horse race event needs to have at least 8 runners in the competition for this betting market to be available. 

First Four

The First Four is identical to the Trifecta bet, except in this market, you bet on four horses to win a specific horse racing event in an exact order. Once again, like in the Trifecta bet, the First Four market comes in three types — Straight, Boxed, and Standout.


The Trifecta bet is one of the most popular exotic markets among bettors in horse racing betting on BritainBet. The market typically comes in two types— Straight Trifecta, Boxed Trifecta, and Standout Trifecta. 

A straight Trifecta is basically a straight bet where you need to bet on three runners to win the race in a specific order. On the other hand, Boxed Trifecta lets you bet on three or more horses to finish the race in the top three ranks without a specific order. For the Standout Trifecta bet, you place your stake on three or more runners according to the event or size of the field to finish the race in the top three positions, however, each rank must be won by a minimum of two or more horses.

In general, a Trifecta market lets you choose three horses for the top three positions. The bettor needs to mention the order in which they think the horses will finish. For instance, you place a straight bet on runner numbers 2, 5, and 7 to take the place of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position in order. If your prediction comes true and horses no. 2, 5, and 7 win the race in the exact order, your bet wins. However, if the selected runners finish the race in 2nd, 3rd, and 1st position, in this case, your bet will be considered a loss, regardless of the three horses winning the race. Unless you place a Boxed Trifecta bet!


A Treble bet is another type of pool betting that allows bettors to bet on a particular horse to win three different races. In this betting market, the return value of each race is added to the pool of the next race, which eventually results in a massive payout if the treble predictions turn out positive. In contrast, even if one of the three bets fails, the entire bet is considered a loss.

All Up / Parlay

All Up bet is commonly known as accumulator bet or parlay bet in horse racing betting. This is a betting market that lets you pick your favourite runners to win multiple sets of races. In this market, you can bet on the runners you think will be the winners or finish in one of the top positions in four different races on a specific day. All the selected horses must win the race in order for your bet to win. To be more specific, suppose you bet on horse no. 2 to win race A, horse number 5 to win race B, and horse number 1 to win race C. For your bet to consider a win, race A must be won by no. 2, no. 5 must finish in the first three positions in race B, and no. 1 must win race C.


This is another form of betting market popular among bettors who generally seek for a potentially higher return in horse racing betting. Here, you select three favourite horses and bet on them to win some specific horse races. Within the selection of the horses, you place three doubles and a treble — both Horse 1 and Horse 2 to win, both Horse 1 and Horse 3 to win, both Horse 2 and Horse 3 to win, and Horses 1, 2 and 3 all to win. So, in a Trixie bet, your £1 bet would need a total of £4 stakes. In instances where a horse selection fails to win the bet, you would still receive a part of your payout.


A patent is typically made up of three different betting markets consisting of seven separate bets — three single bets, three doubles and one treble

Lucky 15

If you often like placing multi-bets in horse racing betting or other betting options with this market, Lucky 15 is a fantastic choice. It typically involves four different markets that amount to 15 separate bets, such as four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold accumulator. To consider a Lucky 15 bet a win, a bettor needs at least one of the four market selections to settle as a win. 


Similar to Lucky 15, the Yankee bet involves betting on four different markets with 11 individual bets, such as six Doubles, four Trebles and one fourfold accumulator. To achieve a return from this betting market, you need to have at least two or more selections to be successful. It is an excellent betting choice if you want an extensive coverage of possible outcomes.

Types Of Races In Horse Racing Betting

In the world of horse racing betting, there are mainly two types of races, which is Flat race and Jumps race. Within the two variants of horse races, the categories of races are further divided into multiple sections. Before you place a bet, it is important to know what type of horse race you are betting on. Take a look below to find out more about the race variants. 

Flat Races 

Classic Races

The classic races have existed for several centuries and it is one of the most prestigious Flat races in the UK. It is a Group 1 type of horse race, where the highest classes of colts and fillies compete with each other. In classic races, there are further five types of races, which are mainly competed between 3-year old colts and fillies. The races include 2,000 Guineas, 1,000 Guineas, Oaks, Derby, and St Leger. 

Group Races

Group races is well-known in horse racing betting and is sectioned into Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3. In these races, certain categories are set, such as age limit and specific gender, and it is held throughout the horse racing betting season with various races over distinct distances. The highest level of group races is the Group 1, which makes the highlight racing events in the calendar, followed by Group 2 and Group 3. While the weights are estimated similar for all the three groups, group 2 and 3 usually are given more penalties to make the race more competitive.

Listed Races

Right below the tier of group 3 races is the listed races, which follows the similar penalty pattern for the runners in the form of extra weights.


This type of flat race is hosted for the horses after they are assessed by a team of handicappers post-race and provided with a specific rating, which can increase or decrease according to the performances. In other words, handicap flat race is a type of race where the runners are assigned a certain weight based on its ability to level the chance of winning a competition. Renowned races like the Wokingham Stakes and Cesarewitch Handicap are known to attract more than 20 handicap runners. 

Jumps Races 

Jump races are typically competed among horses that are 3 years old and above. It is also called National Hunt racing, and this type of race can be categorised into five varieties, such as bumpers, novice hurdles, hurdling, novice chasing, and chasing. 

Graded and Listed Races

The grading style in jump races follows the same regulations as in flat races, except that in jump races, we called it Graded instead of Group. So, in jump races, Grade 1 is considered the top tier level race, where runners compete in a race with the same weight with exceptions to age and gender. This type of jump races is usually seen in popular horse racing events like the Champion Hurdle and the Cheltenham Gold Cup.


The handicap race exist in jump races as well with the similar rules, however, the major difference in handicap jump races is the rating. In jump races, the handicap rating is comparatively higher than the one in flat races.

Major Horse Racing Tournaments To Bet On

If you are familiar with horse racing betting at BritainBet, you would’ve probably come across some of the most renowned horse racing events in the world, including prominent ones like Royal Ascot and Cheltenham. These are only a part of the many horse racing betting races that we offer here for our bettors. Visit our horse race betting category from our sports betting page to navigate the full list of options. For starters, these are some of the major horse racing competitions in the world that you need to know of. 

Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham is definitely a top-tier horse racing event in the whole of the UK and the world and you will often see the racing events of the Cheltenham Festival in the racing calendar. The horse racing festival is held every year around March over four days of competition, which includes races like the Cheltenham Champion Hurdle, Cheltenham Queen Mother Champion Chase, and Cheltenham World Hurdle, and culminates the celebrated racing event with the Cheltenham Gold Cup. During the Cheltenham Festival, you will get to witness the most elite horses compete in Group 1 races in events like Champion Chase and Champion Hurdle. 

At BritainBet, we offer a wide selection of the most exciting betting markets, and you will get access to the latest odds of the feature races even before the big event starts, which will, of course, keep changing depending on various factors. Whether you want to place an ante-post bet or an in-play bet, you can access all the market selections here. 

Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot is another major horse racing event that was initially introduced by Queen Anne in 1711, taking a prominent spot in the horse racing calendar events in the UK and also for the Royal Family. Both flat races and jump races are hosted at the Ascot Racecourse every year, with 36 flat races for Group 1 races and 3 jump races for Grand 1 races. Royal Ascot racing event is typically held in June for 5 days, allowing multiple opportunities for bettors to try their luck in the plethora of markets offered by us. 

You can bet on your favourite runner on the highly anticipated Ascot Gold Cup as the horses run a 2 mile 3 furlong distance, or in the Commonwealth Cup, where you can witness three-years-old colts and fillies run 6 furlongs. Discover a list of Ascot’s most popular races like King’s Stand Stakes, Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Stakes, Queen Anne Stakes, Coronation Stakes, and more in our betting catalogue

Yorkshire Ebor Festival

This is another highly regarded horse racing betting event that you need to add to your racing betting list. The Yorkshire Ebor Festival is an annual racing festival held in August over a 4 day period. The festival opens with the highlight event Juddmonte Stakes, a Group 1 flat horse race for 3 years and above, the Great Voltigeur Stakes, a flat race for Group 2, and the Acomb Stakes, a flat race for Group 3. You can also bet on the second day, which features Yorkshire Oaks and Lowther Stakes, a flat race for Group 1 and Group 2. We offer a variety of markets to bet on the third day of the Yorkshire Ebor Festival as well, featuring Nunthorpe Stakes, the Gimcrack Stakes, and the Strensall Stakes. The fourth and final day of the Ebor Festival will culminate with a handicap race called the ‘Ebor Handicap’ and a Group 2 flat race called the ‘Lonsdale Cup’. 

Epsom Derby

Every year horse racing betting enthusiasts look forward to Epsom Derby, which is known in the UK as the richest horse race. It is also known as the Derby Stakes among bettors and it is a Group 1 flat race. The Epsom Derby is typically held in the first week of June at Epsom Downs racecourse. The race is open to 3-year-old colts and fillies and competes on one mile four furlongs and ten yards distance. 

Irish Derby Festival

Another popular horse racing betting event you can bet on is the Irish Derby Festival, which takes place around the end of June or early July. The main event of the Irish Derby Festival is the Irish Derby race, a top-tier Group 1 flat race for three-year-old colts and fillies. We offer interesting market options on the Irish Derby race and several other races of this festival, which includes Groups and Listed races. Avail of our sports welcome bonus today and put your bet on your favourite race, horse, or jockey.

Glorious Goodwood

The Glorious Goodwood, otherwise also known as Qatar Goodwood Festival, is one of the most celebrated horse racing events in the world, attracting not only horse race lovers and passionate bettors but also socialites and celebrities. The flat racing festival is held annually in England, typically between the end of July or early August. Our betting market is aimed to cover all the highlights of the five-day event, including the Qatar Goodwood Cup, Sussex Stakes, Nassau Stakes, Stewards’ Cup, and so on.

St Leger Festival

As one of the most distinguished Classic races of the year, St Leger Festival hosts over 30 races during its four days of action that are typically held in September. You can find an array of the highlight races of this festival on our leaderboard, including prominent races like the St Leger Stakes, Park Hill Stakes, and Doncaster Cup. Experience the thrill of watching first-class thoroughbreds competing on the most spectacular race fields during the 4 days-long festival right at BritainBet. 

Latest Horse Racing Betting Odds At BritainBet

Similar to cricket betting, horse racing also has betting odds that show the possible outcomes of each bet placed by passionate bettors. Therefore, the most crucial step to do before placing a bet on a horse race is to find the best betting odds, and we at BritainBet aim to offer just that. Because we understand that odds are one of the most crucial factors in making a successful bet, we strive to offer the most competitive odds to our bettors and probably the best odds you can ever find. 

A betting odd refers to a numerical representation of the probability of any horse winning the game. Do bear in mind that a horse with lower betting odds has higher chances of winning based on its previous record and breed. Nonetheless, lower betting odds are an indication that the payout for the specific bet will be lesser than higher betting odds on a runner. There are essentially three types of betting odds, which you need to understand before betting— Fractional (British) Odds, Decimal (European) Odds, and Money Line (American) Odds. 

Decimal (European) Odds are the most common type of betting odds that are used in horse racing betting, and these are represented by decimal numbers like 1.75 and 2.80. The numbers give you an idea of the total return you would potentially receive for every £1 you bet. For instance, you bet £10 on a runner with 2.80 odds, which will potentially give you an expected return of £38. 

Fractional (British) Odds are commonly used among the UK bettors and these are represented in fractions like 5/1. So, if you bet £10 with 5/1 odds on a runner, your expected return would be £60. 

Lastly, the Money Line (American) Odds are mainly used in the United States and are indicated by ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols, like +100 or -100. While the positive number signifies the expected returns of a bet, the negative number suggests the amount you need to bet to win the bet. For example, if you bet £100 on a horse with odds of +500, the expected return would be £600. 

With that said, it is crucial to check the latest betting odds of each horse or betting market before you start betting on the race. Multi-bets like Yankee, All Up, Lucky 15, and Trixie, let you bet more than one bet on your favourite runners under a single bet, which likely creates higher odds when accumulated. These types of multi-bets are a popular choice among bettors to bet on horse racing festivals like the Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival as it helps in increasing the betting odds on a bet slip. 

Tips And Guidelines To Take Note Of Before You Get Started!

Betting odds play a very significant role in horse race betting at BritainBet. Below are a few tips and guidelines on horse racing betting that can help you have a smoother online betting experience without any glitches. Take a look!

  • Check all the aspects that contribute to the race before you start betting, such as the age, weight and form of the runners, race distance, gate positioning, and so on. Do a quick research online on the internet. If that does not help much, you may depend on our best betting odds to increase your chance of a successful bet. 
  • Betting on a horse with lower betting odds is always the safest way to win a bet if you are not confident about the outcome of the race. However, do remember that the expected returns on horse racing betting with lower betting odds will not be as high as a bet with higher odds.
  • Never ever depend completely on one particular type of bet. Placing different types of bets and markets may help you in minimizing your losses and make the most out of your winnings. Multi-bets like Parlay, Lucky 15, and Yankee are fantastic choices for example.
  • Maintain your bankroll. In any case, you should never exceed your betting limit. Bet responsibly and take control!

Few Facts About Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is one of the most primitive sports enjoyed by numerous people across the globe. Its origin dates back to the 4500 BC in Central Asia. This was the time when domesticated horses were trained for a race. Today, the manner of enjoying the sport and the quality of the game has completely changed. The horses that take part in the racing are strictly trained and bred for the competition by their owners. There are professional horse jockeys who ride the runners through the race. Everything about horse racing betting has become much more professional and organized compared to how it used to be initially, and today, you can bet on the top horse racing events straight from your mobile or desktop from the selection of betting markets and odds provided on our website.

Given the popularity and craze for horse racing in the UK and around the world, we at BritainBet bring to you an extensive list of all the top-notch horse race betting options at your fingertips from the comfort of your home. It doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or an experienced bettor, as horse race betting is easier and simpler than you think and you can quickly learn and get started with the betting here. Sign up with us and use the benefit of our welcome bonus as you place your first horse race betting. 


How Do I Bet On Horse Race As A Beginner?

As mentioned above, it is essential to know the basics of horse races and get to know the varieties of betting markets and odds offered on our website in addition to learning about the kinds of horse races and many more. To place a bet, simply visit our horse race betting category, navigate the markets and horses, pick a runner of your choice as per the latest odds and add it to your bet slip to check the expected return before you confirm the bet.

What Are The Safest And Most Common Bets In Horse Race Betting?

Typically, bettors enjoy betting straight bets like Win, Place, and Show as they offer low-risk chances of betting.

How Do I Bet Online On Horse Race Betting?

The process of placing online bets on horse races is similar to how it works at the racecourse, except in the online platform, you don’t need to be present physically. Navigate the list of horse race betting options we are offering now, whether it is future bets or in-play bets, select the event you are interested in, check the latest odds provided on the card, pick the runner you prefer to bet on, set your bet value, and confirm.

Can I Bet On Three Runners In A Single Bet?

Yes, it is possible to bet on three runners on a single bet using the Trifecta market, which lets you choose three horses for the top three positions in a specific race.

Is It Safe To Bet Online On Horse Race Betting?

Yes, we are a licensed betting platform offering dedicated bettors a safe and reliable space to bet on numerous sports betting options including horse race betting.

What Is An Outsider In Horse Racing?

When a runner with the least chance of winning is offered a better winning chance in the race leading to higher odds is considered an outsider in horse race betting.