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Euro 2024 Betting

The start of another European Championship and the credible beginning to crown the best. All these aspects and more are right around the corner as fans get to witness the Euros. With live-action and classic fixtures, the Euros are and will surely be an experience of a lifetime, along with the excitement of Euro Cup betting. However, to complete the latter, you need a companion and it needs to be someone who can take you through all that the tournament has to offer. So if you’re willing to accept BritianBet as your companion/betting partner, the following information will help you get started.

An Introduction to the Euros

The European Championships kicked off in 1960, after completing years of preliminary contests, which saw 17 national football clubs going against each other. With the semi-finals closing in, four teams graced the occasion, sending two (U.S.S.R & Yugoslavia) to the finals. Since then, the Euros have been a once in four years affair and have constantly stood out as a top UEFA event that helped the world witness European football. From qualification rounds to the finals, every match is as exciting as the other.

Thanks to the growth of football, things have changed over the years and a number of aspects have come into the game. However, the spirit of the game remains the same and it stands to be seen as we enter Euro 2024.

Euro 2024: A Brief Coverage

Euro Cup 2024 is to kick-off on 14th of June, 2024, and would be called as Euro 2024. The Euro 2024 will happen in Germany and will be spread in different cities in Germany.

Once the group matches are over, the top two from each group will head out to face each other in the knockout stages. The four best third-placed teams will also be advancing. Once the knockout format takes shape with the round of 16, the ultimate road to the finals will be set and loaded for good. Due to that, you need the right assistance to move through this tournament and make your Euro betting picks count. So here are predictions and odds to take it all forward.

Euro 2024: Betting Predictions

  1. Group Matches

It’s hard to pick the winning teams for group matches with every squad packed with stars that are known to be the best in football. From Ronaldo to Mbappe, every single team is filled with goalscorers, top finishers and so on. However, with a proper form of analysis, important research and so on, we were able to determine the best teams that could go ahead. Italy, Belgium, England, Netherlands & Spain are a few of the nations that we believe could certainly make things count.

However, Group F (France, Germany, Hungary & Portugal) has got us all confused. Thanks to the firepower and depth that each squad has, we might see Portugal and France make it through. As teams set to enter the knockout stages, a few surprises might be added to the pipeline. And one of the most important ones that we might see is England returning without a trophy. While Gareth Southgate’s squad has all that it takes to lift the cup, the rest of the teams, especially Portugal and France might make matters difficult.

  1. Individual Group Stage Winners

Group A – Italy

Group B – Belgium

Group C – The Netherlands

Group D – England

Group E – Spain

Group F – France/Portugal

  1. Quarterfinals

With teams like Italy, France, Portugal and Netherlands being a part of the picture, one can expect a rollercoaster ride like no other. But these four are not the only ones that might enter this stage, as we also provide a special mention to England and Belgium. It is quite hard to rule them out and we might see them replace a few other teams that managed to enter the quarterfinals. But these predictions can be wrong and just like football, unpredictable events are always bound to occur.

  1. Semifinals

If Belgium were to enter the semi-finals, a revised match between France and Belgium would be a surprise and a visual treat for fans. Just like the 2018 World Cup semi-final, this could be a match full of surprises and expectations are bound to be broken. But France has a packed squad that can make it out of this match and would also flare well against Italy. Due to that, the remaining possible fixtures between Netherlands, England and Portugal might see the latter rise to the top.

  1. Finals

If our predictions end up being right, a glorious final is set to take place in England where France will take on Portugal. With players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe, that final is certainly the one to watch. However, to make your bettings count, you require odds. And to bring them forward, you need to follow the best teams that could possibly change our predictions upside down.

Euro 2024: Betting Odds

  1. Teams to look out for


Odds: 8/1

Nobody can deny the huge potential that Portugal brings to the Euros. The squad has all the right players to take them to the top and grab hold of titles that come their way. A quick look into their squad depth and you will understand that world-class defenders can prevent any possible goal threat, mid-fielders could very well carry the ball and end up doing a nutmeg, only to pass to a finisher that will go down in history as one of the best in the world of football. As a result, any team would be worried when they see a line-up that includes Ruben Dias, Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Odds: 9/2

When it comes to squad depth and talent, France is not behind and has certainly got the ingredients to set the stage on fire. A team that consists of Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann is a major threat that everyone needs to look out for. One cannot simply look the other way with France as they will certainly never go down without a fight.


Odds: 5/1

The three lions are favourites to lift the cup and bookies are refusing to slow down on their predictions for the same. A 26-man squad promoted Gareth Southgate to pick the best of England and we get to see the same when the likes of Harry Kane, Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, Marcus Rashford, Phil Foden and Mason Mount have made it to the team. Thanks to that, England is not far behind and never will be.


Odds: 12/1

While the squad is going to be short of a world-class defender like Virgil Van Dijk, they are not short of the right talent to make them through the competition. Bookies have continued to favour the Netherlands and a prime example of the same is the kind of odds that have been packed for them. As a result, this is another team that you need to look out for.


Odds: 6/1

An evaluation of Belgium will always leave you confused about the teams that could possibly make it to the finals. Like the rest of the squads, Belgium is not short of anything as they are more than capable of making things count. Thanks to that, seeing them through the round of 16 and entering the mega stage of the competition is not something that can be ignored.

  1. Players to look out for (Top Goalscorers)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Odds: 9/1

It has always been a treat to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play and with Euro 2024, things are not going to be different. The Portuguese international is set to break records and turn out to be the biggest sensation in Euros. As a result, we predict to see his brand of football continue as he is touted to be the top goalscorers of Euro 2024.

Kylian Mbappe

Odds: 9/1

From the past, we now come to the possible future of football with Kylian Mbappe. The 21-year old has been an exciting addition to PSG and one of the main reasons why the football club is excelling in the league. As a result, we believe Mbappe will replicate his skills for the Euros and look towards being a top goal scorer.

Romelu Lukaku

Odds: 8/1

No matter what you do, there’s no stopping Romelu Lukaku and fans of Belgium witnessed the same on the 7th of June when Belgium took on Croatia in an international friendly. The leading goal scorer for Inter Milan seems to be in good form and is making use of every move and opportunity by converting the same into a goal.

Euro Live Betting and Betting App

Considering the kind of predictions and odds that come along with the Euros, it is now time to know how to put these figures to use. By all means, a live betting app is what we are talking about and it is certainly the main ingredient to help you get going through the tournament. For this purpose, you need to choose a well-functioning service that provides you with all the information that you need. As a result, there is no other service that fits the bill like BritainBet.

From live matches to casino gambling, BritainBet is a one-stop destination to satisfy all your gambling needs. Our services are catered to make ends meet and help you make the most of the experience. Apart from football, we also serve as the perfect destination to help you place bets on Cricket, Basketball, Ice Hockey and so on. With options meeting your needs and features exceeding your expectations, BritainBet is your answer for everything.

Euro 2024: Betting Tips

  1. Statistics and Research

Hitting the right combination between statistics and research is surely going to help you get the kind of results that you have always wanted. Considering the nature of risks involved in sports betting, it is always important to move along with a detailed approach that will include statistics and research.

  1. Players, injuries & suspension.

Players have to be in good form to help their team make it through the competition and finish on the top of European football. However, one of the more unfortunate events of the sport is injuries and there are very few ways to avoid it. As a result, keeping track of their current form, injuries and suspensions will help you make better decisions.

  1. Head to head encounters

While research and analysis could cover this point, it is worth mentioning again because it is certainly important. Head to head encounters will surely give you an idea of the game and in which direction it may proceed. Due to that, keep a track of such records and make sure to consult the same before placing bets.

FAQs about Euro 2024

Bookies have always favoured the best teams and this season, their verdict lies with England, Portugal and France. All three of these teams have the potential to rise and keep on rising until they lift the cup.
There’s no beating Germany and Spain when it comes to the nation with the most number of European Championships. Both countries have won the title on a record number of three times and will be looking to make it four.
When it comes to betting, look no further than BritainBet. Our services are customized to meet betting demands and will cater to anything that the market has to offer. So come on board and look towards exploring Euro 2024 with BritainBet.
Betting on regulated and authorised sites like BritainBet will certainly complete all your doubts about sports betting being safe. As we follow the required set of guidelines, we look towards helping you have a good experience.
Despite being held in 2021, UEFA decided to call the tournament Euro 2024 in order to mark the 60th anniversary of the European Championships. Moreover, the tournament was supposed to be held in 2024 between June and July and got postponed further due to the pandemic.