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Volleyball Betting

Volleyball is a globally recognised sport, with men and women participating both competitively and recreationally. However, depending on the version of volleyball you are watching, the rules can be very different.

Volleyball is divided into two types: indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. Learning the volleyball rules would also help you determine the right way to bet on volleyball correctly at our site, at Britain Bet.

We’ve put together a volleyball betting guide at Britain Bet to walk you across the bets available and how to do it. You’ll hear about the best volleyball bets, how to place bets on live volleyball, and some of the other nuances of this fantastic sport. You’ll be able to learn volleyball betting, just like other forms of sports betting, with all of the information you need right at your fingertips with us at Britain Bet.

Volleyball is an enjoyable sport to watch as a spectator. It’s physically exhausting, putting all the fittest players to the test – yet it is thrilling and takes a great deal of talent and concentration.

If you follow the sports betting section at Britain Bet, you can gather all the crucial information about other popular sports betting games as well like football betting or cricket betting. You’ll be a specialist in no time with a bit of luck and our guide.

Volleyball rules – An overview

Volleyball’s primary goal is to score points by causing the other team to make an error or scoring a point based on your good performance. Volleyball is played between 2 teams and a centre net over which the opponents must smash the ball. Teams line up on opposing sides of the central net. Players can only strike the ball with their arms, and it cannot bounce or land on the ground.

Matches are divided into sets, each of which is decided by a total count of points. The first team to reach 25 points (with a 2 point margin) takes the set in indoor volleyball. This is down to 21 points in beach volleyball. Another significant distinction is that indoor volleyball is a team game with six members on either team, while beach volleyball only has 2 opponent players.

In volleyball, you can score a point by doing any of the following:

  • When served, the foot of the opposing server touches the boundary line.
  • The ball bounces in the opposing team’s court.
  • The ball was struck out of bounds by the opposition.
  • The opposition is unable to return the ball over the net.
  • The opposing team catches the ball.
  • During the game, an opponent touches the net.
  • Before touching the net, the opposition strikes the ball more than 3 times.

Volleyball betting markets

If you love online betting, then you have arrived at the right place. Britain Bet offers live betting on some of the world’s most prestigious volleyball tournaments, alongside many other fabulous online casino games.

With the exception of overall points, there are relatively few indoor and beach volleyball variations when it refers to betting on volleyball. Here are some of the more common markets to remember when betting on volleyball – these are the betting odds to aim for if you’re new to volleyball betting.

  • Total points

You can also bet on total points in both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. This is where you predict how many points will be scored throughout the game.

  • Match bet

Simply put, this is a wager on the team you believe would win the match. To put a match bet, proceed to the Britain Bet sportsbook and look for the volleyball tournament you want to wager on. Then look for a game to place a bet on. Volleyball does not have any draws, but you can just bet on one of the two competing teams.

  • Correct score (set)

This is a wager on the set’s correct score. For instance, suppose Player A wins the set with a score of 25-15 or less. The set outcome is 25-12, and you were right in your estimation.

  • Set betting

In volleyball, you will wager on which team to win individual sets. If you’re not certain who might win the game but know who will take a Set 1 lead, this is a perfect gamble. In the meantime, you will wager on the cumulative number of points earned in a given set.

  • Handicap betting

To render the game more fun, you can bet on a handicap inside the match bet. In sports betting, the handicap is included to balance out the stakes in a one-sided game.

  • Tournament bets

These are the long-term markets in which you wager on the tournament’s final winner. Often volleyball tournaments begin with a group stage and then progress to a knockout round. It usually means that you will frequently bet on which team you believe would win a division rather than the entire tournament. If you believe a player can take the category but not the overall crown, this is a perfect way to experience the volleyball betting odds.

Where to find volleyball news?

Indoor volleyball is a huge competition, with men’s and women’s competitions held every year worldwide. The FIVB World Championship is the most significant volleyball competition. The tournaments are held every four years and feature a men’s and a women’s event.

Every four years, there is both a men’s and women’s World Cup. While not as crucial as the World Championship, it is also an essential part of international volleyball.

Volleyball, however, receives the most coverage during the Olympic Games. At the Olympics, men’s and women’s indoor volleyball tournaments are held.

Beach volleyball is another common sport all over the world. Every two years, the Beach Volleyball World Championships are held, with both men’s and women’s competitions taking place simultaneously and in the same location.

Beach volleyball, on the other hand, is best known around the world thanks to the Olympics. At the Olympics, several countries will broadcast entire beach volleyball tournaments.

Volleyball betting with Britain Bet

Now is the time to test your knowledge of volleyball betting. Tournaments are held worldwide, and many domestic leagues are also standard among sports betting enthusiasts.

You will find the most up-to-date volleyball betting tips, news, and odds at our site, at Britain Bet, ahead of up and coming competitions.

Volleyball competitions are held throughout the year, so you won’t need to wait much to place a bet. Keep an eye on the volleyball betting section of Britain Bet for the biggest games. Happy and safe betting!