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Live Betting

Betting online is no doubt highly interactive given its approach, options and techniques used. Live betting is definitely more than betting through a gaming device. The players engaging in real-time betting don’t just enjoy betting from their mobile, but they also experience the comfort and convenience of dealing with their bets from the various options offered. 

The growth and popularity of live betting online have been tremendous and noteworthy without the slightest doubt. And so, we, at Britain Bet, bring to you an exceptional online sports betting platform to explore the thrill of betting on your favourite sports anywhere, anytime. Read on to know more about live sports betting and what do we have to offer.

What exactly is live betting?

Popularly known as in-game betting or running betting, live betting is the potential of bettors to make extra bets even after the game has already begun.

These bets are placed between quarters or hours, and in other situations, they are offered after a single play or drive. The bettors can bet on a multitude of sports. The different forms of betting and the pace depends on the technical capability of the place you are gambling at. We, at Britain Bet, offer the best choices and betting options. 

Why choose us for live sports betting?

Well, we, at Britain Bet, bring to you a spectacular live sports betting experience from the comforts of your home by featuring all popular sports betting games at your fingertips. You can instantly explore the thrill and excitement of live sports betting by placing your bets in a wide variety of sports including Cricket, Football, Badminton, Ice Hockey, Golf, Table Tennis, Horse Racing, Soccer, MMA, Rugby, Snooker and many more. 

That’s not all! We also feature exciting online betting UK sports tournaments and leagues from time to time that the players can indulge in instantly. Apart from this, we also offer you valuable recommendations, support and guidelines to get started. With us, you can be assured of enjoying a peaceful and fun-filling sports betting experience without any hassles. 

Understanding the types of live bets

The live sports bets can be broadly categorised under three main headings. They are as under:

Traditional bets

Traditional bets are quite similar to the bets you place before in any game, except for the fact that the odds, spreads, and lines tend to change in real-time. This makes up for high-value bets provided you are able to pick up on a particular trend in a game.

Prop bets

In prop bets, the odds are adjusted. These bets can offer a big advantage if you place your wager wisely.

Over and under bet

The over and under bet is one of the most common types of bet placed in any live sports betting game. Once the game commences, professional bettors know how much is the final total after watching the game for only a couple of minutes. Again remember, timing is crucial in making the live bet over/under bet. You should always wait until the score has raised the original over/under total to a much higher number. Then, put money down on the under at a better price than you would have found before the game.

The in-game parlay

In-game parlays are a little tough irrespective of the time you place your bet. In-game parlays function just like any other type of bets but with live odds. In this type of bet, the payouts can be greater. The advantage of this bet is that the bettors will be able to observe trends in action. Besides this, the bettors are also offered the cash in option.

How many bets can I place per day?

One of the most crucial aspects of online sports betting UK lies in the number of bets that can be placed on a particular day. While there are some players who make hundreds of bets a day, others stick to very few. 

There is no written law or data to describe a certain number that is ideal when it comes to live sports betting. However, you should still limit yourself to an “optimal” number of bets per day that suits your bankroll. Continual monitoring of your bankroll will help you in keeping your funds intact. After all, keep in mind that a random gamble leads to nothing but failure.

With respect to the frequency of live bets, there are two limits. The upper limit is to put hundreds of bets a day, and the lower limit is to wager none at all. There are still several other options within this set.

Take, for instance, you can make a dozen or a few fewer than a dozen bets a day. The wise option would be to find a middle path that takes into account the pros and cons of each choice.

The following are a few factors that help you in determining your daily bet limit. 

  • Size of your bankroll
  • Frequency of sports events
  • Betting experience: This takes into account everything. Your understanding of the game and the accuracy of your forecast to your previous betting history. If you are new to live betting, remember to start small. Always make sure that you thoroughly understand the rules and watch the game closely and in full focus. 

We, at Britain Bet, provide bettors with a fantastic interface to keep track of all your bets at once. If you are someone who is trying to make the most out of in-game bets, we offer an excellent user interface setup.

Points to remember 

There are a few important aspects to be kept in mind before you begin your live sports betting journey. Take a close look! 

  • Know the right time for action

One of the most significant aspects, when it comes to live sports betting, is the competition. This is the sole reason why timing plays a very vital role. It is quite common in sports betting that bettors are completely engrossed in the action of the game that they fail to research about the game and its rules. Researching in-depth about the game you choose to bet on is a must! 

  • Understand your audience

If you are a proficient gambler, you will be well-aware of public money. Public money is what controls the lines and spreads. Do bear in mind that it is always the public money that is the major determinant of the odds in live sports betting. 

  • Timing is crucial

In live sports betting, the time you place your bet stands very crucial. Therefore, it is highly important for the bettors to understand when is the right time to bet and get to know the different techniques with respect to live betting. Keep in mind that every sports betting game is different and unique.

  • Control your bankroll

Live sports betting is certainly enthralling as you can bet on a wide variety of games from the comforts of your home. But do bear in mind that if you don’t keep a close watch on your bankroll, you can be in trouble. So watch out!

With respect to any bets you place, do bear in mind to keep a regular track of what is coming in and what is going out. It would also be wise to also keep an accurate record of what bets you are making. This will be of great help to you in analysing which are the bets you are winning money and which are emptying your bankroll.