BritainBet Enters the Race for Innovation with EGR Nomination

BritainBet and its work ethic have been recognised with a nomination that considers the best of innovation in the world of online gaming and betting. Judging by the performance stats that we have had over the years, BritainBet has always looked to push the scales, which is evident in our figures of market expansion touching nearly 43%.

With our past year being one to cheer about, the EGR nomination is certainly exciting and the team behind BritainBet are looking towards the same. It’s an honour to be recognised among the best of online gaming companies that are known to push the scales of innovation and help people venture into a new gaming experience.  

Understanding the EGR Awards and its take on Innovation

Just like how it is not easy to innovate, it is not easy to get hold of an EGR award either. The prestigious award, which has been recognising talent for several years, has always been about understanding the online gaming space and recognising those that are capable of changing. 

That is where innovation comes into the picture because, without the same, you won’t be getting an EGR. Considering the modern challenges of marketing and how the world has turned out to be, creating innovation comes from the grassroots and that is why the EGR recognises companies that have been doing so well in the field.

With the pandemic bringing down the curtains for the past two years on the prestigious ceremony, the year 2022 will see the EGR being hosted live as the nominees sit prepared to see their names being shown on the screens.

Considering that the EGR awards nominate companies by showcasing them as leaders, it is an honour that only the best deserve to get and only the best will get. 

The Next Stop for BritainBet

14th June 2022 is a date to remember since it is one that BritainBet looks forward to with an anxious breath and excitement. Taking place at the Hurlingham Club in London, the EGR Awards will bring together all the top gaming companies that have been providing players with what they need.

The team that brought you with BritainBet will certainly be excited about the award as our past figures have indicated the hard work and commitment that each and everyone one of us has put into this business. 

About BritainBet

Having reached the nomination lists put out by EGR Awards, it is now time to back up and learn a little about BritianBet. The company that started under one small roof has expanded to new geos and is now a proud platform that provides you with different kinds of betting options.

Players will have hundreds to choose from as their favourite tournaments, leagues and more will be displayed. With a unique user experience also coming into the mix, there will be a lot to explore at BritainBet and it is high time that you get started. 

Regardless of the sport that you follow, you will always get betting options at BritainBet with which you can scale the world.

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