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Badminton Betting

Widely played by millions of people across the globe, Badminton is one of the world’s most participated and best-loved sports besides Cricket. Over the period, the craze for the sport has indeed increased to multifold. That being said, we, at Britain Bet, provide you with a top list of all the premier Badminton betting sites that offer exciting tournaments with the best odds. Well, that’s not all! We also provide you with all the tips and guidelines that help you bet efficiently.

Did you know?

Badminton was earlier known by the name Poona (based on the name of the city it is said to have originated from ‘Pune’), was first played during the 19th century. The game then was quite similar to how we know it now, however, with some changes. Earlier the sport was played with a racquet and a wool ball. It was In the late 18th century when the first shuttlecocks were made for the game. Badminton then started becoming popular as a sport in the west when the home-returners from India opened and propagated the sport in Britain by opening a dedicated Badminton club. Thereafter, the sport has seen several developments like the formation of World Badminton Federations and some globally recognised tournaments.

How is Badminton played?

In order to get started with Badminton, there are certain rules that need to be kept in mind similar to that of football betting and horse race betting. These are standard rules and have been implemented throughout the world, regardless of which tournament or venue the game is being played at. The rules are as under:

The game is played between two or four players. There are separate single men’s, women’s, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles play offered. The serving player has to serve the shuttlecock to his/her opposite side court. Each court is divided into two parts, namely, even and odd. Hence, if the serving player is serving from the even side, he/she must serve to the diagonally opposite court. The serving court is decided by the score of the team/player. A match is typically played in sets. Each standard is set for 21 points. The side that reaches 21 wins the game.

Note of caution: If the gameplay is obstructed by any external factor like the opposition player not being ready at the time of a serve, shuttlecock interference from the adjacent court, or the shuttlecock hitting an external object before landing on the other side, it is called a let. In such a case, no points are given to any side, the game is replayed.

Badminton betting: A preview

Well, if you are new to sports betting, you should first acquaint yourself with the betting odds as it stands extremely crucial. Betting odds are nothing but the numbers that convey you two things: the probability of a possibility and the payout ratio if you bet on that option.

In the game of Badminton, the betting odds are calculated by looking at factors like the current form of the player, previous encounters between the two sides, and the performance of the player in similar situations. And remember there is no regular watcher to make the predictions. You have to study the players and their performances over their previously played matches and only then place a bet.

Furthermore, with respect to the types of bets in Badminton, the most common bet is popularly known as the straight bet or 1×2 bet. Betting on a straight bet implies predicting whether the home or away team will win or if the match is going to be a draw.

Today, there are a number of Badminton betting markets that you can bet on and we, at Britain Bet provide you the names of the best online betting sites that assure safety, security, and utmost authenticity in all respects.

Live Badminton betting

Live betting, also known as in-game betting, is the ability for bettors to make additional wagers after the game has already started. In live betting, the players can bet on a multitude of different things at any point during the match. One of the major highlights of Badminton betting is you get to feel the thrill of the real match taking place live. All the Badminton enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the excitement of live Badminton betting from the comforts of their home without a second thought!

The most popular Badminton tournaments to bet on

Some of the most popular online Badminton tournaments you can bet on instantly, anywhere, anytime at online casinos include the following:

The Olympics

Badminton was officially added to the Summer Olympics schedule in the year 1992 at Barcelona Olympic Games. This tournament is governed by the WBF and follows an elimination structure where the player must win three matches against his opponent in order to progress.

Thomas Cup

Also called the World Men’s Team Championships, Thomas Cup is the premier international badminton competition where member nations of the BWF compete. It currently involves 16 teams and is considered the biggest and most popular Badminton tournament.

BWF World Championships

The BWF World Championships are held at different locations around the world and are governed by the BWF. There are 5 divisions in the tournament – men and women singles, men and women doubles as well as mixed doubles.

Super Series

The Super Series includes two levels of tournaments – the Super Series Premier and Super Series. In this tournament, the top eight players in each discipline in Super Series standings are invited to the Super Series Finals usually held at the end of the year.